Aspire Degerm Sterilizer
Aspire Degerm Sterilizer
Aspire Degerm Sterilizer

Aspire Degerm Sterilizer

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Introducing the Aspire Degerm UV Sterilizer that under lab test conditions was proven to kill 99.9% of germs.

The Degerm can be used on all sizes of drip tips, mouthpieces and extend beyond vaping for use on phone screens and much more.

It may sound horrific but your mouthpiece / drip tip will contain invisible, harmful germs / bacteria. When using the Aspire Degerm it will take just 30 seconds to fully clean your device.

30S Efficient Sterilization

International Genome Research states "There are more than 600 different microbial bacteria in human saliva. When these bacteria leave a human mouth, they can cause lots of health problems. Do you know how much bacteria stay on your drip tip?" The Aspire Degerm sterilizer adopts very high-level UV disinfection rays, which is used to sterilize 360-degree orientation with UV light. Any bacteria which is present on the drip tip will be wiped out in 30 Seconds.

How to use the Aspire Degerm

1. Remove the grey base cover.

2. Insert the item to be cleaned into the device or place the Degerm onto a screen etc.

3. Make sure the device is switched on (5 Clicks of the button).

4. When ready to activate simply click the button 3 times.

5. The Aspire Degerm will run until its cycle is complete and indicate so by the light on the device.

6. All done your device, mouthpiece or drip tip is clean.